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Aaron Paul takes home Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

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I got into my first accident on the way to work this morning :’)

I rearended someone and OBVIOUSLY WE ARE BOTH FINE and my car is like…dented a lil

Not too awful for my first crash lmao

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(Source: obvious-electricity)

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White people asking me questions about my turban (part 2)

Why his white dude bro voice on point tho. Lmao.

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she gives me the strength to go on when Im deconning the stretcher and myself for the third time in a shift

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I want to get a cute dress and wear it w the babe

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sophie gets so excited abt her rubber treat toy that she cries when playing w it

sophie pls control urself

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playing FNAF like


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I just noticed that in the ‘05 version of king kong the old lady is giving her the finger

rantin abt a giant gorilla and literally flipping her off


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Im watching good will hunting for the first timee and OH MY GOD 

those are the best accents

lik 90% boston accents

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i cannot

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Sophie is getting so good at sit and down

She used to confuse them and do down for both but now she gets it right away!!! Claps for sophie

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I was feeling pukey and restless and lonely w/o the babe to snuggle but then I smoked a bowl and I can pretend this pillows them

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My sciatica is killing me but there is a Subway right in front of me and my perfect fat ass deserves that

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On a side note that’s slightly less upsetting I had to take my bros car into work bc mine is broken and THERES A HOOKAH IN HERE