posted 6 hours ago

Sophie is nine weeks old today and is spending it chasing our neighbors pug

posted 22 hours ago

My partner today either really hates me or I’m just super anxious

It’s been an ok day tho I can’t wait to get home to Sadie

Talk 2 me I’m at work for another three hours

posted 1 day ago

Sophie is literally the best doge I love her I can’t wait to spend whole days w her again tomorrow

Though lmao she’s super smart + a little dominant and has fits where she’ll play v rough and growl hard and bite me (though never enough to break skin or leave a mark rly) and I emailed the breeder and apparently it’s normal and other corgis in that line are like that sometimes

I’m starting training tomorrow w her w some dominance exercises to show her that I am the boss and that she can trust me! V excited

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Traffic is literally the greatest thing when ur coming back from a long call and hve just enough time in ur shift for one more

Not anymore lmao hell yea

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I have learned that my favorite kinds of ppl are nice old ladies

They are so sweet

Nice old ppl are the best

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Sophie woke me up at FOUR to do peepeeps and I was like Sophie no but I put her back in her crate after ad she cried for a little while and then went back to sleep

It’s hard to ignore a sad puppy but Sophie howls when she rly needs something other than attention so it’s paying off super well

Also I’m a lil anxious for work but I feel good hell yea

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she looooves the video when she barks at the frozen towel. :””)

when shes older and fully vaccinated (so like two months) and not this tumbly tube of furry pudding, Im gonna bring her down there. 

she loves it when I pretend the crinkle toy is alive nd chases it and pounces on it but if I have m hand on it but dont move it she sits angrily and barks like wtf why arent u playing attention

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i showed my mom ur dog and she's like in love with her gjdhfkg

dude ive seen ppl I havent seen in years bc they just come over to pet this puppy

I watched my vet peep through the sliding door that led to the back and just grin like a kid on christmas morning

she enthralls everyone she meets corgis have some kind of evil magic

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an aesthetic

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No more meet me in the pit jokes

encounter me in the trench

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Rare White Tiger | Source 

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having work in the morning always makes me nervous bc years of schooling makes me nervous abt homework I forgot until I realize…

I can just show up and work and go home they dont like tell me to save four lives at home to work on my skills

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this is everything i aspire to be


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Sophie’s nubbin tail ft. butthole