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she sat in the water for like an hour, just staring at the water peacefully

An angel, honestly.

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We’re the graduating class of Peninsula High this year. They told me I could make the t-shirts. Look what just arrived.

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holy SHIT i did not expect this show to have queer rep ANd a sex scene in the pilot I LOVE IT

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a 5 foot tall plastic skeleton costs 60 dollars. are you kidding me. i have a 5’9” skeleton inside my body for free

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"Day 2: The giant horse-dog still hasn’t noticed me." [thats_absrd]

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You are a column of awe-inspiring badassery. The burning light of your mojo is akin to the fiery sear of the sun. Don’t let those fuckers get to you. You’re the center of their universe and they’re just mad they can only orbit around you.

yall are so nice to me  thank u

I have everything going for me and no one can tell me otherwise

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Im so sorry sweetheart :( you know im here if you wanna talk and ill do whatever to support you. Love you treat urself to a bubble bath and some weed tonite youve had a hardass fuckin week u deserve better than spoonpoop

im so excited for the coming months tho I dont even care lmao

the upside of depression is that my apathy for bullshit can go up to a full 100%

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My mum being like “Im so mad u cant do 52 things a day” and me being like “Im sorry???????????????? *softly* fuck u”

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family stuff under the cut :(

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So they want to remove the civil rights movement and slavery from history books because of “civil disobedience”. What about the signing of Declaration of Independce??? Because that was the biggest form civil disobedience in 1776 besides the fucking Boston Tea Party.

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Both my patient and his wife are sleeping on this long fuckin ride lmao

My job here is done

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99% sure Sophie would take off if a strong breeze hit her ears

Just fly right away

There she go

Goodbye sof loaf

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Various pics if Sophie I keep meaning to upload

Pictured are : Wet Satellite Sophie, sleeping at the vet Sophie, sleeping on my foot Sophie, and Killing my stuffed animal Sophie

Look at how long and awkward my pup is

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U know its gonna be a good day when the truck is all stocked AND has both armrests

AND the computer charger in it works hell right hell yea