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Bikini Bottom just got real..

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"My friend’s majestic huskies." -Hellbetty42

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I dont enjoy the poor science behind like 90% of weedd studies (on both sides) because SO FEW of them understand that mariijuana gives you a hangover that can last several days if you smoke every day

so they’ll be like ‘cannnabis seems 2 be affecting these adult smokers’ and Im like yeah when Im hungover i’m fucked up too god damn havent you ever heard of a grace period

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nope its just really poor writing lmao

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I’m pretty surre the twist of this episode is that its not really gabriel and if thats so dicksp8 is going a great job in acting just slightly off 

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gabriel actually sounds serious and fuckin tired :(

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oh my god theyre in a headshop

this dude is me if I was a hunter

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This is very old but I found it again and I still like it. Amazing.

All my vampires have their own set of pointy teeth óuò. My babies.

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i want to take a moment to talk about the movie ‘khumba' because i just noticed its been added to netflix 

EVERYONE NEEDS TO CHECK OUT THIS MOVIE!! i watched it a few months ago and i loved it, here’s the synopsis 

Rejected by his superstitious herd, a half-striped zebra embarks on a daring quest to earn his stripes but finds the courage and self-acceptance to save all the animals of the Great Karoo

some cool stuff about this movie

  • the studio behind this movie is triggerfish animation, based in cape town south africa. it’s a pretty new studio, they did that movie ‘adventures in zambezia’ in 2012 (the one with the birds) i think it’s awesome to see a movie made in the same place it’s set 
  • it’s BEAUTIFULLY animated and the art direction is pretty good too especially considering it wasn’t made by any big name studios. the character designs are more interesting and varied than a lot of cgi animated stuff disney has put out i’ll say that
  • the movie was inspired by and dedicated to the quagga project, which was an effort to save the quagga (which looks kinda like a half striped zebra) from extinction 

the cast is really impressive for a 20 million budget movie too btw



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finally watchin the new spn with some ice cream hell yea

Ive been spoilered for like half of it but it ok

why is metatron giving us a fourth wall intro wtf

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Do you ever see something someone posted, and you’re just like NO YOU ARE WRONG but you think to yourself, “This isn’t the hill I want to die on” so you have to let it go?

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This is the best thing I have ever seen.

#NSFW #animal death

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Terry Crews ain’t here for Hollywood bullshit

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Pure Bliss by blondiebluvintage on Flickr.